MotorCity Floors and Coatings Contract Agreement


This agreement is made on this July 19, 2024 between MotorCity Floors and Coating and

 (hereinafter called the “Customer”). 

MOTORCITY FLOORS AND COATINGS, LLC, (Contractor) and the named Customer enter into this agreement for listed work to be performed on the job site identified above. The Customer is responsible for removing and protecting their own personal property. Customer agrees to have the job ready for application of the floor material by removing all personal property and debris from the job site and surface to be treated. Reasonable care will be exercised by MotorCity Floors and Coatings to protect molding, doors, cabinets and swimming pools and transition areas from splash of material; however, the material is installed with machines and over splash of material may occur and may not be detected. MotorCity Floors and Coatings is not responsible for any over splash that occurs beyond their control. No guarantee will apply to such small over splash.  Customer is encouraged to discuss options for special precautions if special attention is required. The Customer is encouraged to provide such protection as they may deem best.  The contract price does not include site clearing and any such required preparation will be charged $250 plus $200 per hour for any time to clear and prepare the site.  The Customer agrees to pay 50% of the contract price upon signing the contract and the remaining balance upon completion of the project.  It is agreed that any balance remaining unpaid after 15 days will incur a 20% administrative collection fee in addition to actual reasonable cost of collection, including actual reasonable attorney fees. No warranty will be in effect until the full contract price is paid. Payment by credit card will require an additional 3% charge. Cancellation less than two weeks before install will incur an administrative charge of 10% of the contract price. Any additional work necessary, including repairs not listed in the written work order, shall be done at additional charges as agreed in an additional writing or shall not be done. In the event that the application shall not be commercially possible without additional site preparation the cancellation fee shall be applied if work cannot proceed and a supplemental contract with a new scheduled date shall be signed or the work may be terminated with the 10% cancellation charge.

The application of Polyurea and/or other servicing materials *will generate a chemical odor which has been determined not to require additional precautions for most people and environments and is VOC compliant.  Customers who are sensitive to such chemical odors should consult their doctors as to whether they should take additional precautions or remain out of the area for 48 hours after installation. MotorCity Floors and Coatings takes no responsibility under this contract for possible allergies or sensitivity of the customers regarding lawful application of coatings unless such precautions are specifically agreed, listed and charged in writing in the contract.

Under the contract price and to maintain the lowest over all charges MotorCity Floors and Coatings takes no responsibility for the following:

  1. Customer walking on the coating or allowing animals, bugs, leaves or debris blown on the Topcoat while curing. Failure to keep the area free from debris during curing is not the responsibility of MotorCity Floors and Coatings. 
  2. For scratches from dragging or sliding objects over the surface causing damage.
  3. For condition to the substrate, including expansion joints, cracking, or other concrete issues for materials existing prior to application including leveling concrete or other concrete issues or issues not related to the application of the coating.
  4. Not responsible for paint or base molding left unprotected.
  5. Not responsible for customer neglect or failure to maintain floor, including driving over sand and dirt.
  6. Not responsible for customers using unapproved cleaning methods or unapproved cleaning solutions on the floor coating.
  7. Customer acknowledges the service of the application is slip resistant but not slip proof.
  8. MotorCity Floor and Coatings shall not be charged for conditions or occurrences beyond their control.

This written agreement contains the entire understanding between MotorCity Floors and Coatings and Customer regarding the above work order and this agreement supersedes any and all prior and contemporaneous communications, agreements and understandings between the parties. No modifications to this Agreement shall be valid unless in writing and signed by both parties. The agreement may be signed personally or communicated electronically from identified text or email sources attributable to the parties. The parties’ warrant that they have reviewed and understand this agreement, accept its contents as their agreement, and signed it voluntarily. Customer has the right to terminate this contract within three days of signing at no cost. Contract termination after three days shall require payment of 5% of the contract price charged as liquidated damages. Contract termination within two weeks of the scheduled installation date shall require a payment of 10% of the contract price as liquidated damages.

Contractor will warranty their workmanship and application for a lifetime residentially and 5 years commercially and assign the product warranty to the customer as supported by the manufacturer.

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