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Concrete Polishing System

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Our innovative industrial concrete polishing system is ideal for spaces with high amounts of wear and tear and ensures a number of benefits. Regular cleaning and an occasional burnish will keep a polished floor looking great for years as it has a harder surface than traditional concrete and resists scratches. It is also cost effective as it does not need to be replaced as often as other flooring options. Even though polished concrete is shiny and appears slippery, it actually increases the coefficient of friction and is less slippery than bare concrete; making it exceed OSHA standards for floors.

Polyurea Full Flake System

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We offer Polyurea / Polyaspartic full flake floors as a durable and attractive flooring solution for commercial and industrial spaces. These floors are made with a Polyurea base and Polyaspartic top coat, which is a tough and flexible material that is resistant to wear and tear. The full flake design adds an extra layer of protection and enhances the overall appearance of the floor. The flakes are available in a range of colors, allowing for customization to match any business’s branding or design aesthetic. These floors are easy to maintain and can be quickly cleaned with just a damp mop.

Concrete Sealing

We are a leading provider of concrete grind and seal services. No job is to big for our teams. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced equipment and techniques to grind down the surface of your concrete floor, to allow for proper adhesion.  We then apply a sealant to protect the floor from moisture and wear, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. Our grind and seal process not only enhances the appearance of your concrete floors, but also improves their functionality and lifespan.

Line Striping

We specialize in providing high quality line striping services for factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. With years of experience, MotorCity is known for their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction. They use state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials to ensure a professional and long-lasting finish. MotorCity is dedicated to safety and follows all OSHA guidelines for line striping, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment for their team and clients.

Urethane Cement

We are proud to provid high-quality urethane cement flooring solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. Our urethane cement is a extremely durable and long-lasting option that can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh conditions. It is also resistant to water, stains, and abrasion, making it ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other high-traffic areas. Also for food processing facilities, the coating meets USDA requirements. In addition to its durability, urethane cement is also easy to maintain, requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

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Motor City Products Example Showing

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