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Which Types of Concrete Floor Coatings Are Best for Your Property?

Concrete flooring coatings protect your concrete floors from wear and tear and improve their appearance. Floor coatings can also make cleaning your floors easier and help to extend their life. However, there are various coating types designed for every use possible.

For example, one coating type may be used for kitchens, which makes cleaning the area easier. Meanwhile, another coating type can fit better in bedrooms, making the floors more aesthetically pleasing. But what are the concrete flooring coatings available in the market? Here are some ideas.

1. Epoxy

Epoxy is a two-part resin that is mixed with a hardener. As a result, the chemicals bind together and produce a hardened, rigid plastic commonly used to coat concrete floors, as it is durable and can resist wear and tear, binding to most base layers.

Epoxy coatings are also used to protect concrete floors from chemicals and stains. These qualities are perfect for heavy-duty applications. However, epoxy coatings can be challenging to apply, requiring a professional to get the job done.

Professionals can use epoxy coatings in industrial facilities, warehouses, logistic centers, and other places that may get subjected to heavy equipment. Epoxy floors can also become ideal for floors spilled with grease, bleach, oils, and other harsh chemicals.

2. Polyurethane

Polyurethanes are polymers thermosetting by nature. They are softer and more elastic than epoxy—perfect for moderate to heavy pedestrian traffic. They are also more resistant to abrasion, as the material absorbs the impact, causing fewer scratches to the surface.

High-traffic spaces can benefit more from polyurethane coatings. Areas like parking lots, freezing chambers, and commercial facilities can do more with a polyurethane coating, making them look good despite the moderate to heavy traffic.

However, polyurethane coatings may have more shortcomings than other materials. They are more sensitive to moisture, causing bubbles and blemishes to arise. Therefore, using them in areas with high humidity levels is a terrible idea.

3. Polyaspartic

Polyaspartic coating is a product of combining resin with a catalyst, facilitating the curing and hardening process. Despite starting on the wrong foot, polyaspartic coatings have improved over time due to technological advancements. They are now viable alternatives to epoxy or polyurethane.

However, its best feature is its ability to get customized to anything. People can manipulate polyaspartic coatings to control drying times and pot life. They are also easy to apply, taking half the time to use epoxy and polyurethane materials and reducing labor and material costs.

Meanwhile, people can use polyaspartic coatings in areas with medium to heavy foot traffic, like airports, malls, shopping centers, and hospitals. However, the coating type may require a more thorough surface preparation than others.

4. Acrylic

Acrylic is one of the most common types of industrial coatings. It is a water-based material that is easy to apply and can be used in many different environments. Acrylics are also non-toxic, allowing people to use them in food-handling facilities.

Acrylics can be used where the coating needs to be applied to surfaces exposed to sunlight, humidity, or high temperatures. Often used in areas with medium to heavy foot traffic, such as offices and schools, people can use them in areas with little to no traffic.

The material is also easy to apply and can be used in many different environments. However, they are less durable than epoxy and polyurethane. But at least they come in various colors, offering people choices.


There are many different industrial coatings, each with advantages and disadvantages. But each one has its purpose and use. Knowing the different types of industrial coatings can help people choose the right one for their needs.

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