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Keeping a Concrete Floor Clean: Is It Possible?

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In recent months and years, we have witnessed an era that had a significant impact on all of our lives. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global concerns about health, safety, and cleanliness have become a hot topic for every affected country.

Thankfully, we have gained the ability to recognize and accommodate unexpected changes in our lives. We have been effective in delaying, maintaining, and ultimately preventing the development of serious respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 in order to keep your workplace and home safe, clean, and sanitary.

Beyond washing our hands, we have found key actions that will help us keep concrete floors clean and sanitized at all times. Indeed, it is possible. Read on to learn more.

The Fight against Viruses: Protect, Disinfect, and Prevent Infection

Viruses have the potential to propagate more quickly on concrete or metal surfaces. Especially when a significant number of people come into contact with polluted surfaces. As a result, we must securely sterilize every surface.

The Regular Cleaning Routines for a Concrete Floor 

Dirt is the main enemy of concrete floors since it can dull and harm the surface owing to grime buildup and fine scratches. Foot traffic produces around 1.2 pounds of soil per week. As a result, it is advisable to plan for maintaining the floor and cleaning the concrete.

Following these simple and repeatable actions will allow you to effortlessly maintain a clean and safe concrete floor:


The removal of dirt and dust from surfaces necessitates a daily light cleaning done with care. This minor modification is critical to your health. It is simple to use a microfiber mop, which is preferable to cotton or synthetic mops in terms of catching and holding dust, grime, and liquids. Concrete can be cleaned in the most efficient and cost-effective manner this way.


Mop concrete surfaces with a solution diluted with warm (or hot) water and detergents with a neutral pH balance, such as Dawn Dish Soap. Spend some time at the end of each week thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning the concrete surfaces in your home. This will not only revive your flooring but will also protect you and those around you from viruses.


It is acceptable to sweep and mop concrete on a daily basis, but you should add power once a month. If you employ concrete cleaning chemicals in conjunction with essential floor maintenance gear, you can correctly profile and sanitize your floors. Because we prioritize routine concrete surface maintenance, we offer a powerful walk-behind floor burnisher and a floor scrubber for cleaning concrete floors available to the business sector. Our maintenance equipment can install and remove a wide range of concrete maintenance floor pads of varied thicknesses. The fibers used to make these floor pads have high porosity, allowing them to retain their effectiveness when used for wet scrubbing, stripping, buffing, and burnishing.


Seal your concrete floors after they have been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and polished for an extra layer of protection. Thin and translucent concrete sealants are ideal for preserving and reinforcing concrete surfaces. Sealing your concrete surfaces once or twice a year can considerably increase their luster and longevity.


COVID-19 and other potentially deadly respiratory infections, such as the common cold and influenza, must be prevented by public health measures and everyday prevention. As such, reintroduce stringent hygiene standards, such as frequent hand washing, covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, keeping physical separation, and wearing a mask in public when out and about. 

Continue to be concerned and adjust for the sake of everybody’s health and safety and follow these guidelines on keeping concrete floors clean and sanitized at all times. At best, all of this could effectively reduce the transmission of sickness and infection to protect not just yourself and your family but also the rest of the globe.

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