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Your concrete floor is the foundation to your home or business and it should achieve more than just a functional purpose. What’s under your feet can make a huge difference in how you feel about a space. So whether you want to restore your cement floors, rejuvenate dirty, stained concrete, protect against spills and stains, or add character and depth, contact Motor City Floors & Coatings for One-day Concrete Floor coatings that look fantastic and last for years.

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Step 1: To ensure proper adhesiion, we prepl the concrete floor with a diamond grinder and integrated vacuum systems to ensure a smooth surface that is free of dust and debris and ready for coating application. A moisture membrane will be installed if required.
Motor City Floors and Coatings
Step 2: Repairs to cracks, pits and craters are made using menders and fillers before applying coatings.
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Step 3: Our 100% solids, self-priming pure polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied.
Motor City Floors and Coatings
Step 4: Before the basecoat cures, the chip is generously broadcast by hand. The chip provides both color and texture to the floor.
Motor City Floors and Coatings
We scrape the surface after the basecoat has cured to remove any vertical standing or loose chips.
Motor City Floors and Coatings
The final step is to roll out and clear with our 100% UV stable polyaspartic top coat.

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The MO-CO Advantage™

With our one-day polyurea/polyaspartic 4x Stronger than epoxy coating system and expert installation you could be enjoying your transformed space as soon as tomorrow. Get a quote, sign and enjoy the highest-quality floor to compliment a beautiful new look. We provide the best and most reliable concrete floor coatings in the U.S. Market with products made in the USA. Our team of experts can help with every aspect: from choosing the perfect color for your space to expertly installing your new coating.

Have some questions ?

This is a question we get asked all the time, the hard part is there is no real easy answer which is why we like to do an on-site assesment before giving exact prices. There are a number of factors that come into play, the first is how easy is the space to access and what equipment is needed. After that we evaluate the condition of the concrete for moisture, are repairs to pitting and cracking required and are there existing carpet, tile, or coatings to be removed. This along with the size of the garage are all important to give an accurate price.

Our coatings are truly the strongest on the market. We do offer a 15 year warranty on  residential projects. However it is fully expected that with proper cleaning you will get a much longer life out of your new coating.

Most residential garage are completed in 1 day, however if it is a  larger space or has special circumstances it could take a little more time and your estimator can help with that information. Once the job is complete we recommend 12 hours before you walk across it, and 48 hours before you bring things back in (including the cars if it is a garage).

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