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What does a floor coating cost?

One of the first questions we get asked many times per day is how much does it cost to do my garage, patio, basement or anything else. Also we get asked what is the price per square foot. Although these are great questions, it is very hard to give an easy answer since there are multiple factors that come in to play.  Since we don’t believe in bait and switch marketing, and the BBB recommends strongly against it, we prefer to come out to your project, take a look and go over everything with you! Below is a some of the major factors that come into play for our pricing.

Size of Space

The first factor with our coatings is the size of the space, although very straight forward, this is the base of our pricing model. We usually measure this by laser for accuracy.

Vertical & Steps

Verticals and Steps are priced different because there is no easy way to do this, the flake can't be just applied it has to be repeatedly applied by hand to get full coverage.

Concrete Moisture

Not something that is seen, but we do check concrete moisture, if the concrete has high moisture additional products are required to have a coating that will last.

Removal of Old Coatings

Do you have old tile, carpet, or an old coating/paint on the floor? All of these need to go to get to bare concrete so the products bond properly.

Cracks and Pitting

Cracks and Pitting are something we see everyday. Although we can repair cosmetic damage, it does require different products and more time.

Hardness of Concrete

Concrete hardness plays a major factor in the tooling we need to use, along with the amount of time it will take to get the proper profile.

Project Financing Available

Here at MotorCity Floors and Coatings we make transforming your concrete floor simple and easy; now we’ve added financing options making payment easy as well! We now offer financing options so you can upgrade your concrete floor or add storage options without the need to save, tapping into your savings or equity.
Our Process

How it Work

We like to keep things simple and easy, after all who wants a messy process. This why we offer no fee in-home quotes and 1 day installation!

Get Quote

One of our friendly sales team members will be scheduled to come out and go over everything and inspect your space. They also carry samples of our colors so you can see them in person.

Schedule Your Installation

We schedule our projects to the day, no need to wonder when we are coming or if we will ever show up. You will also get reminder texts and calls before your installation date.

Project Installtion

We arrive at the agreed upon day with all equipment required to complete the project, all you need to do is sit back and watch your floor be transformed.

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