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Ultimate Durability

Durability is the most important feature of a basement floor for many homeowners and concrete coatings have become extremely popular due to their durability. Our innovative coatings are very flexible, making them abrasion and impact-resistant to withstand dropped tools, paint cans, toys, and the scuffs and scrapes of shoes.

Options to Fit Any Style

We offer an endless amount of color options and patterns that can be designed to match any home decor. Whether you are looking for a bold look to wow your guests or a subtle pattern to help you wind-down, we have an option that will fit your style! Our slip-resistant texture will keep you at ease and help lower the risk of slips and falls. 

Here at MotorCity Floors and Coatings we are able to install our coatings in just one day, whereas epoxy is typically a 3-5 day process plus cure time. You are able to walk on our coatings just 6 hours after we have completed our installation, and be back to full service after just 24 hours!


Benefits of Our Paint Chip System

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