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The 4 Best Floor Coatings to Use for Your Man Cave

A man cave is a room in a house where a man can go to relax and be away from everyone else. This room is usually personalized with things the man enjoys, such as his favorite sports team memorabilia, a bar, a pool table, and a comfortable place to watch television. So aside from the furnishings and gear that must be there for their hobbies, the right kind of flooring & tiling is crucial to keeping everything secure. Here are the four best kinds of floor coatings for your man’s cave:


A man cave is a space in a basement, garage, or shed used to relax and escape from the outside world. The floor of a man cave is often made of untreated cement, which can be difficult to clean and maintain. An epoxy coating on the cement floor can protect it from stains, cracking, and odors.

Why is this the first and best possible option among other floor coatings? Epoxy flooring is easily cleaned and maintained, making it the perfect solution for a man cave. They also bring luxury and style to the space while providing a durable, slip-resistant surface. You can easily tailor your man cave to your design style with various finishes, textures, and colors.

Garage Tiles

For durable and versatile flooring, garage floor tiles in the diamond configuration would be a great selection. These tiles can take extreme weight, use, and abuse from just about everything—jumps, dropped objects, etc. Garage flooring is the ideal choice if you’re looking for tiles that look like they belong in a man cave—it’s rough and tough and has a mechanical feel that will appeal to any guy. 

This also features a snap-together connector system and is available in multiple colors.

LVT Planks

Many homeowners are drawn to the rustic look of barn wood, and if that’s the case, then LVT plank flooring is a great option for a man cave. It’s an affordable, attractive option with many great features that make it popular. 

Vinyl plank flooring is created to look like real wood from the outdoors without the hefty price tag, so it’s usually thicker than regular vinyl flooring and has a realistic wood grain pattern. This combination of features makes vinyl plank flooring popular for men who prefer a nature-themed look in their cave.


Rubber flooring is a great choice for a man cave because it is durable and resilient. It is made of a composite rubber material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Of all the floor coatings on this list, this is a great option for a home gym because it is durable and easy to clean. It can also be installed in a garage without worrying about car damage or grease since rubber flooring comes in sheets that can be rolled out to cover a larger area and tiles that can be rearranged to create different patterns or designs.

In Summary

When deciding on your floor coatings, you’ve got to determine what you’ll use them for. Are they just for hanging out with the buddies over a few cold beers, or will you be hollering over your favorite teams on the big screen? We hope this article helps you decide.


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