Basement Flooring and Coating

Basement Flooring

and Coating

◇ Your basement is a valuable living space with a lot of potential. Make it more comfortable and usable for relaxation, storage, or hobbies with new flooring designed for basements from MotorCity Floors and Coatings. We install flooring that stands up to dampness, resists mold growth, insulates against cold, and transforms cracked concrete into attractive, smooth floors.



◇ Dampness is one of the biggest challenges with basement floors. Even newer poured concrete basement floors can transmit moisture through capillary action. We address this using floor coverings and sealers that create a moisture vapor barrier.

◇ For extreme dampness, we apply moisture mitigation sealers that block and seal concrete pores and cracks. Polyurea chip floor coatings also resist water penetration. High-quality basement carpets use moisture barrier padding and waterproof adhesives. Vinyl sheet flooring prevents moisture seepage. With the right flooring, your basement stays dry instead of damp.

Insulate Against Cold

◇ Unfinished basements can feel cold and uncomfortable underfoot. Some of our flooring solutions add insulation value and make basements feel warmer:

  • Basement carpets with thick padding make the floor warmer and have sound damping properties.
  • Rubber basement floor tiles insulate floors and provide cushioning.
  • Soft basement floor epoxy is slightly elastic to improve warmth retention.
  • Floating luxury vinyl plank clicks together easily over cold concrete floors.

◇ With the basement floor solution we recommend, you can comfortably use your basement year-round.



◇ Over time, concrete basement floors get cracked, stained, and worn down. New flooring refreshes the appearance. Basement carpets come in unlimited colors to brighten up the space. If you have ugly oil stains, glued-down vinyl sheeting covers them up. Luxury vinyl tile clicks together easily to convert dull concrete into stylish floors.

◇ For a showstopping floor, basements are ideal candidates for decorative epoxy with color flakes and glossy coatings. The smooth finished surface rejuvenates damaged concrete. We can match any design style from bright colors to polished modern looks.

Customize Functionality

◇ Consider how you use your basement when selecting flooring. For laundry rooms and utility sinks, we recommend drainage-friendly linear drains and non-slip tile floors to prevent accidents. In home theatres, thick carpeting reduces noise. For basement bedrooms and rec rooms, warm and soft carpets or vinyl floors create a welcoming feel.

◇ In garages that are integrated with basements, tough polyurea floors resist hot tires from cars and chemicals. Storage rooms benefit from flooring that insulates against the cold concrete. There are many ways to tailor basement floors to your needs.


Testing and Prep

◇ A key first step we always perform is moisture testing, usually with a calcium chloride test. This helps determine the moisture levels and any needed mitigation strategies. Proper concrete cleaning, repair of major cracks and levelling are also critical for successful basement floors. We handle all necessary prep work.

Mildew Resistance

◇ Mildew easily forms on basement surfaces. Many flooring materials we use contain antimicrobial treatments to inhibit mold and bacteria growth. This keeps floors cleaner and your basement air fresher. Regular basement cleaning and moisture control also limit mildew issues.

Benefits of Our

Paint Chip Floor Coating System

◇ At MotorCity Floors and Coatings, we offer an advanced paint chip floor coating system that provides incredible benefits compared to traditional epoxy flooring. By using an extremely durable polyurea resin blended with UV-stable quartz aggregates, we create stunning, resilient floors for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Extreme Toughness

With a strength-to-weight ratio 400% higher than standard epoxy, polyurea forms an exceptionally strong bond and abuse-resistant floor. This flexible yet tear-resistant material far outperforms epoxy in terms of impact resistance, indentation resistance and fatigue resistance.

Polyurea chip flooring maintains its integrity after decades of use, easily handling daily wear and tear from pets, kids, heavy foot traffic and more. The enhanced molecular cohesive properties provide a longer service life than epoxy floors.

Warranty of a Lifetime

When professionally installed by our team, we back our polyurea paint chip flooring with a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty. This guarantees the coating will remain bonded and protect against wear, stains, and defects for as long you own your home. We fully stand behind the long-lasting performance.

For commercial applications, we provide an up to 10-year commercial warranty depending on service conditions. Compare that to typical 1-3 year warranties on standard epoxy floor coatings. The superior durability allows us to offer lifetime protection.

Indoor & Outdoor Longevity

While epoxy coatings have limitations, polyurea performs incredibly well in any setting – indoor or outdoor. As an elastomeric material resistant to expansion and contraction, it maintains integrity through temperature fluctuations from -40°F to 250°F. The formulation is also highly stable under UV radiation, preventing sun damage.

The same polyurea paint chip floor installed in your garage will last just as long if installed on your patio or porch. It endures extreme weather changes and sunlight.

Year-Round Installation

Typical epoxies have a recoat window and temperature restrictions during application. Our polyurea coating cures properly even in extremely low temperatures down to -20°F. This allows for exterior installations all year round, even in winter.

Less worry about weather delays means we can resurface your concrete faster. The improved workability is another benefit over temperamental epoxy. No need to wait for perfect conditions.

Unlimited Customization

Using different colored quartz blends, we can create completely custom paint chip designs to match your space. Recently, advancements allowed for smaller quartz granules opening up even more design options. Any pattern, logo or design can be installed with special templating.

You have unlimited options for colors, textures, and gloss levels to complement your interior design style. It effortlessly bonds to concrete, metal, wood and more.

Antimicrobial & Chemical Resistance

Silver ion technology within the flooring inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for improved cleanliness and reduced odors. The coating also provides excellent resistance to oils, solvents, acids, and other chemicals – ideal for industrial use. Like an indoor/outdoor carpet, it repels any spills.

The tough polyurea chip flooring maintains a pristine, sanitary surface despite heavy residential or commercial use. It’s perfect for kitchens, basements, salons, and other busy areas.

Revolutionize your floors with our cutting-edge polyurea paint chip system. This high-performance coating outclasses traditional epoxy in terms of strength, customization, weather resistance and longevity. Contact us today to learn more and view samples!

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◇Don’t put up with a damp, cold, cracked concrete basement floor any longer. With new flooring professionally installed by MotorCity Floors and Coatings, your basement becomes comfortable, attractive, and enjoyable living space. We determine the optimal solutions for your basement flooring needs. Contact us today for a quote!



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