Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

◇ At MotorCity Floors and Coatings, we understand the unique needs of commercial and industrial flooring. Our teams have decades of experience installing heavy-duty flooring solutions made to withstand very high traffic, impacts, chemicals and more. We serve businesses across Detroit and surrounding areas.

Retail Floors

◇ Retail showrooms, stores and malls require attractive yet extremely durable floors to handle thousands of footsteps every day. We install commercial floor systems with superior scratch, stain, and indentation resistance so they stay looking fresh over years of use. Tile, seamless coatings, polished concrete, and commercial sheet vinyl are great options. We can incorporate your brand colors and logos into custom designs. Non-slip finishes prevent falls. Our floors also minimize fatigue for employees who stand for long shifts.

Factories and Plants

◇ Industrial facilities demand flooring that can withstand heavy loads from forklifts, machinery, and vehicles. We install reinforced concrete floors or thick floor coverings like sheet vinyl. Chemical-resistant, non-conductive, and anti-static options are available for specialized manufacturing. Containment systems stop leaks or spills from penetrating floors. With routine joint repairs and recoating, our industrial floor systems withstand decades of punishing use. We coordinate installs to minimize factory downtime.



◇ High-rise offices, apartments and condos require flooring suitable for each use from lobbies to living spaces. We handle new builds and renovations. Sound-dampening systems minimize noise transfer between floors. Lightweight coverings meet weight limits. We accommodate plumbing, wiring and other infrastructure within floor slabs. Our crews have extensive experience coordinating flooring for complex multi-use buildings.

Building Floor


◇ Over years of use, building floors can become damaged, outdated, or worn. We revitalize old floors with new coatings, overlays, coverings, and replacements tailored to the space. Starting with thorough cleaning and surface preparation, we ready the floor for renewal. Decorative and functional coatings, artistic polishing and stenciling refreshes plain concrete. New commercial vinyl tiles or sheets modernize offices. We restore the function and aesthetic of tired floors.

Airplane Hangars

◇ We create ultra-flat, resilient surfaces in airplane hangars capable of bearing immense loads. Our reinforced concrete tolerates jet fuel and withstands temperature changes. Containment systems prevent leaks from spreading. Hangar floor slopes are engineered to optimize drainage. Highly chemical-resistant urethane coatings allow easy cleaning after maintenance work. We design hangar floors to make aircraft movement as easy as possible while still protecting the surface.

Packing Facilities

◇ Floors in packing and fulfillment centers endure constant forklifts, dollies, and package impacts. We install reinforced concrete or commercial sheet vinyl able to repeatedly withstand indentations and abrasions. Anti-fatigue designs ease worker strain. Ramps, drains and traffic patterns are optimized for material flow. We can integrate custom colors and branding. With periodic maintenance, our packing facility floors maintain functionality for decades.


◇ From runways to concourses, airports demand unique flooring solutions. We create massive tarmac surfaces able to bear aircraft loads and withstand weathering. Decorative floors in terminals incorporate wayfinding elements. Sloped designs prevent standing water. Polished concrete or terrazzo provides upscale durability. Joints allow for terminal movement and thermal expansion. Rubberized flooring insulates jetway floors. We have extensive experience with specialized aviation flooring.

Heavy Machinery


◇ Factories with heavy machinery require reinforced concrete or steel-troweled floors to withstand immense impacts and loads. We install high-strength concrete with fiber mesh reinforcement to prevent cracks. Metallic and mineral hardeners make floors ultra-abrasion resistant. We can design custom bases or pits to secure equipment. Heavy-duty coatings stand up to oil, fuel, and solvent spills. Our machinery foundations won’t buckle or fail even under intense long-term use.

Office Spaces

◇ For office spaces, we create floors tailored your business image and function. Carpet, luxury vinyl plank, ceramic tile, polished concrete and more – we tailor the flooring to your needs. Ergonomic designs prevent fatigue for long days. We seamlessly integrate wiring and plumbing. With routine care, office floors will represent your brand for years.

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