Premium Color Options for Long-Lasting Beauty

Premium Color Options

for Long-Lasting Beauty

◇ At Motor City Floors and Coatings, we understand that color is one of the most important aspects of choosing new floors. We offer a wide selection of rich, premium colors to match any style and taste. Our experienced design consultants can help you select both classic and bold hues that will look stunning in your home or business.

◇ With high-quality floor coatings and professional installation from our skilled team, you can trust that your new floors will maintain their eye-catching colors for years to come.

Neutral Tones

For many homeowners, neutral earth tones like tans, browns and grays provide a flexible base for decorating. These quieter shades showcase your furnishings well without overwhelming.

Popular choices like cashmere, mushroom, slate, and chestnut add cozy, welcoming warmth to living spaces. Crisp options like pearl, oyster and frosted almond lend an airy, open feel. Luxurious metallic grays resembling silver and pewter create an ultra-modern look.

With our range of concrete stains, epoxy coatings, hardwood stains and more, you can find beautiful neutral tones for flooring throughout your home. These colors act as a subtle backdrop that works with nearly any design style from modern to traditional.

Bold Hues

If you want to make a splash, our vivid paint and stain options allow you to transform any room with excitement. Rich red tones in cherry, crimson and garnet inject energy into a space. Deep greens like emerald and forest create a refined, natural vibe.

For coastal flair, bold navy blue conjures thoughts of the sea. Charcoal black floors provide a sophisticated edge, especially when paired with glossy finishes. And bright shades of orange, yellow and turquoise are ideal for playrooms or making a lively statement.

No matter what striking color you love, we can bring it to life on your new wood, concrete, vinyl or tile floors with our specialty coatings and professional installation services. A bold floor becomes an eye-catching focal point.

Metallic Tones

Metallic floors are an elegant and modern trend that add glamour to any room. We offer gleaming metal tones from brilliant golds to dynamic coppers and bold bronzes. A metallic floor catches the light beautifully and makes a statement. It pairs well with other shimmering accents and fixtures. For an ultra-luxe look, we can combine metallics with glossy finishes.

Wood Grain Hues

Wood grain patterns and tones lend natural warmth. With state-of-the-art printing technology, we can apply stunning wood looks to tile, vinyl and laminate floors. Choose a classic oak or maple visual or go bold with an exotic rosewood or zebrawood. Wood grain floors provide texture and visual interest while still being durable and easy to maintain.

Exotic Inspiration

For adventurous accent floors, we can recreate exotic stone, brick and tile designs found around the world. Moroccan tile patterns in vivid blues and oranges transport you. Italian travertine emulates Old World charm. Brick visuals and textures add vintage character. Consider a bold mosaic, checkerboard, or geometric pattern for a focal point floor. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Stunning Stencils and Inlays

Unique stencilled patterns and inlaid designs take floor customization to the next level. We can stencil borders, medallions and abstract shapes using contrasting colors and finishes. This adds artistic flair. Inlaid wood, tile and stone pieces create eye-catching geometric effects. For a truly one-of-a-kind floor, consider adding a stencil or inlay detail.

Reflective Opulence

For the ultimate luxury flooring, reflective and iridescent options emulate glittering jewels. Mirror-finished metallic epoxies infinitely reflect light, creating a seamless chrome wonderland. Iridescent mica powder coatings shift color as you move, resembling an oil slick or the inside of a seashell. Holographic and multi-chrome powder coatings morph from gold to violet.

Reflective quartz inlays glint like embedded diamonds. These breathtaking finishes are perfect for making a small space feel grand. The opulence amplifies when you keep other décor simple to let the shimmering floor star as the focal point. Our master craftsmen can reimagine any floor with eye-catching reflective touches.

On-Site Color


◇ The process of selecting a premium floor color begins with an on-site color consultation from our design experts. We bring large samples boards showing all of our available color selections. Holding the colors in your home allows you to see how lighting interacts with each shade.

◇ Our consultants ask questions to understand your style, color preferences and goals for the space. They can suggest color combinations that work with your existing furniture and décor. You’ll get to see if lighter or darker shades better suit the room.

◇ With large flooring samples onsite, you can feel confident choosing a dramatic color change knowing exactly how it will look. We handle all aspects from start to finish – color selection, floor prep, installation, protective coatings and more.



◇ No matter what premium floor color you select, our industrial-grade finishes ensure it stays vibrant. Concrete coatings, wood stains and other finishes we apply protect against scratching, scuffing, fading and other damage. We only use top-of-the-line products from trusted brands.

◇ Proper floor prep also helps colors last. For concrete, we mechanically profile the surface so coatings fully bond. On wood, we sand away old treatments for ideal absorption of new stains. Our crews are highly attentive to detail throughout the process. With proper care and maintenance, your bold, crimson-stained floors or neutral epoxy coatings will look incredible for many years. The colors won’t wear away or become dull over time.

Let Your Floors

Make a Statement

◇ Don’t settle for boring, basic floors. With our selection of rich premium colors for stain, paint, epoxy and more, you can make any space pop. A colorful floor becomes a work of art.

◇ Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and on-site color consultation. Together, we’ll transform your home with new floors bursting with long-lasting beauty and vibrancy.

Premium Color Options

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Autumn brown

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Slate Stone

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Stoney Creek

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