Outdoor Coatings

Outdoor Coatings

◇ At MotorCity Floors and Coatings, we specialize in installing premium protective coatings on exterior concrete, pools, patios and more throughout Detroit. Our high-performance outdoor coatings stand up to ultraviolet rays, freeze/thaw cycles, weathering, foot traffic and everyday wear-and-tear. We offer specialized coatings for high-use public spaces all the way to your own backyard paradise. With proper outdoor surface preparation and tenacious coatings from trusted brands, we create outdoor spaces you can enjoy for years.

Refresh Your

Concrete Deck, Patio, or Walkways

◇ Over time, unprotected exterior concrete decks, patios, and walkways become stained, cracked, and pitted from exposure to sun, moisture, and weather. Refreshing them with new protective coatings makes these surfaces look brand new again. We start by thoroughly pressure washing and repairing any cracks or spalls. For the right adhesion, concrete must be cleaned of oils, dirt, and previous coatings.

◇ Next, we apply primer and then your choice of durable, decorative topcoat in your desired texture and sheen. Popular options include:

  • Porch and floor paint for a bold matte color
  • Clear sealer for a natural look that repels stains
  • Textured coatings for better traction and hide flaws
  • Epoxy coatings for a glossy, polished look
  • Custom patterns and designs like faux brick and stone

◇ A fresh new coating cures to form a waterproof barrier. It protects your concrete from new moisture damage for years while also enhancing the appearance. We can match any color. Proper reapplication every few years will keep outdoor concrete looking its best.

Benefits of Our Paint

Chip Floor Coating System

◇ MotorCity Floors and Coatings offers an innovative paint chip floor coating system that outperforms traditional epoxy floors. We use an extremely durable polyurea resin blended with UV-stable colored quartz chips to create stunning, resilient floors for indoor and outdoor spaces. Compared to regular epoxy, polyurea chip flooring provides:

Extreme Toughness

With a strength-to-weight ratio 400% higher than standard epoxy, polyurea forms an exceptionally strong bond and abuse-resistant floor. This flexible yet tear-resistant material far outperforms epoxy in terms of impact resistance, indentation resistance and fatigue resistance. Durability testing shows polyurea maintaining integrity after decades of use.

The enhanced molecular cohesive properties provide a longer service life. You can drop a hammer on an epoxy floor and crack it, whereas polyurea chip flooring will not fracture. Hot tires from vehicles won’t mark the surface like epoxy. No matter how much pounding it takes, this remarkable coating retains its integrity.

Warranty of a Lifetime

When professionally installed by our team, we back our polyurea paint chip flooring with a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty. It guarantees the coating will remain bonded and protect against wear, stains, and defects for as long you own your home. We fully stand behind the long-lasting performance.

For commercial applications, we provide an up to 10-year commercial warranty depending on service conditions. Compare that to typical 1-3 year warranties on standard epoxy floor coatings. The superior durability allows us to offer lifetime protection.

Indoor & Outdoor Longevity

While epoxy coatings have limitations, polyurea performs incredibly well in any setting – indoor or outdoor. As an elastomeric material resistant to expansion and contraction, it maintains integrity through temperature fluctuations from -40°F to 250°F. The formulation is also highly stable under UV radiation, preventing sun damage.

Whether subjected to hot tires in a garage floor, freezing temperatures on a patio, or decades of footsteps in a restaurant, this coating lasts. The same installation provides endless design options indoors and out.

Year-Round Installation

Typical epoxies have a recoat window and temperature restrictions during application. Our polyurea coating cures properly even in extremely low temperatures down to -20°F. This allows for exterior installations all year round, even in winter. The material also sets and dries much more rapidly than epoxy.

Less worry about weather delays means we can resurface your concrete patio, garage, or other spaces faster. The improved workability is another benefit over temperamental epoxy. No need to wait for ideal conditions.

Unlimited Customization

Using different colored quartz blends, we can create completely custom paint chip designs to match your space. The speckled stone appearance hides imperfections in the concrete while providing an upscale, showroom-quality look. Recently, advancements allowed for smaller quartz granules opening up even more design options. Any pattern, logo or design can be installed with special templating.

Beyond unlimited colors, the coating can range from matte to high gloss. It effortlessly bonds to concrete, metal, wood and more. We can match any design theme or requirement through integrating this coating.

Antimicrobial & Chemical Resistance

Silver ion technology within the flooring inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for improved cleanliness and reduced odors. The coating also provides excellent resistance to oils, solvents, acids, and other chemicals – ideal for industrial use. Like an indoor/outdoor carpet, it repels any spills.

Environments like kitchens, hospitals, airplanes, laboratories, and businesses benefit from these properties. The material maintains a sanitary surface despite heavy use and traffic.

Revolutionize your indoor and outdoor floors with our cutting-edge polyurea paint chip system. This high-performance coating outclasses traditional epoxy in terms of strength, customization, weather resistance and longevity. Contact us today to learn more!


Brand Name Coatings

◇ We only install coatings from industry-leading brands known for performance and longevity outdoors. Products from Sherwin-Williams, ArmorPoxy, Duraamen and others deliver exceptional bonding, UV resistance, traffic wear and longevity. We use the right coating system for each specific outdoor application. With proper installation not cutting any corners, our coatings transform the look and function of exterior spaces for 10-15 years or longer before needing renewal.

◇ Give your outdoor concrete new life with premium coatings from MotorCity Floors and Coatings. We handle the entire process from cleaning and repair to application of durable, decorative new finishes that revitalize worn outdoor areas. Contact us today for a free quote on renewing your exterior spaces.



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