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◇ Your garage floor takes a beating from vehicles, chemicals, weather, and heavy use. MotorCity Floors and Coatings install premium garage floor coatings that can transform cracked, oil-stained concrete into an attractive, glossy, and protected surface.

◇ From classic neutral tans to bold reds, our floor coatings come in unlimited colors to match your style. We also offer decorative options like color flakes, quartz blends, and custom logos. Our comprehensive process includes repairing cracks, leveling uneven slabs, and preparing the concrete before applying tenacious, high-gloss urethane, epoxy or polyurea coatings.

Repair Cracks

and Damage

◇ The first step in any garage floor coating project is repairing cracks, pits, holes, and other damage using industry best practices. We use concrete patching compounds to fill small dents and divots. For cracks, we use partial depth repairs and rout-and-seal methods to penetrate the slab and reinforce it from below. Larger repairs may involve diamond grinding to smooth uneven joints. Proper repair ensures the new coating bonds evenly across the entire slab.

Specialty Coatings

◇ Your garage demands an extra-tough floor coating able to withstand vehicle traffic, chemicals like gasoline and oils, temperature swings, wetness, and everyday use. Standard concrete stains and paints will fail quickly. That’s why we install industrial-grade floor coatings such as:

  • Polyurethane – Extremely durable, high-gloss resin good for workshops
  • Epoxy – Attractive, glossy coating that withstands chemicals
  • Polyurea – Flexible, high-strength coating perfect for garage use
  • Acid stains – Reactive stains that penetrate and color concrete

◇ Multiple coats are applied to ensure proper coverage and protection. Your coating choice depends on your needs and desired finish. Our experts will recommend the best system.


Your Style

◇ Beyond just durability, today’s garage floor coatings offer amazing aesthetics. Choose a bold color like crimson red or ocean blue to make your garage really pop. Popular flecked systems add colorful flakes for a granite-like look. Neutral gray and beige tones add understated style. The coating can finish glossy or matte.

◇ We can also create custom patterns, borders, racing stripes and even logos or images through stencils and masking. Your possibilities are endless to match your personal taste.

Optional Anti-Skid


◇ For enhanced traction and skid resistance, we can incorporate specialty additives into the topcoat:

  • Fine grit particles create a lightly textured finish that provides grip for shoes and tires
  • Anti-skid color flakes add traction and visual interest
  • Silica or black walnut shells add scattered grit to minimize slips

◇ This ensures everyone can walk and drive safely on the newly coated surface without sacrificing aesthetics.


Testing and Prep

◇ Applying coatings over damp concrete will cause delamination and floor failure. We always perform calcium chloride moisture testing first to identify any moisture issues. If moisture levels are too high, we can apply penetrating sealers to properly prepare the slab.

◇ Proper cleaning, diamond grinding, crack repairs and degreasing are all completed before the coating is installed. This helps it fully bond to the concrete for maximum durability.

Why Choose

Polyurea Paint Chip Floor Coatings?

At MotorCity Floors and Coatings, we offer an advanced polyurea paint chip floor system with incredible benefits compared to traditional epoxy floors.

Extreme Durability

Polyurea forms flexible, tear-resistant floors with exceptional bond strength. The material easily withstands decades of heavy residential and commercial use without cracking or peeling. It outperforms epoxy in terms of impact resistance, indentation resistance and resilience.

All Climate Installation

Polyurea coatings cure properly in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 100°F which allows for exterior installations year-round, even throughout frigid winters. The material bonds exceptionally well to concrete without climate restrictions.

Quick Installation

With rapid curing and drying, polyurea chip floors can be installed in just one day in most cases. The quick turnaround minimizes business or home disruptions. Floors are also safe to walk on in about 6 hours after application.

Endless Customization

Polyurea chip systems come in unlimited colors, patterns, and gloss levels to match any design aesthetic. New smaller quartz blends provide even more custom options. Logos and designs can be incorporated through stencils.

Outdoor/Indoor Use

Polyurea maintains integrity outdoors through extreme temperature fluctuations and UV exposure. The same installation applied in your garage will last 20+ years if used outdoors on a patio or pool deck.

Antimicrobial Properties

Silver ion additives inhibit bacteria, mold, and fungus growth on polyurea floors. This results in more sanitary, odor-free surfaces in kitchens, hospitals, and other locations.

Chemical Resistant

From hot tire pickup to oil spills, polyurea provides superior resistance to automotive fluids, gasoline, brake fluids, battery acids and cleaning agents. It won't stain like epoxy.

Contact us today to learn more about polyurea chip floor coatings and request free samples! Our experts are happy to go over your project.

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◇ Give your garage floor new life with a showroom-quality coating from MotorCity Floors and Coatings. We handle the entire process in 4-5 days – repairs, prep, application, striping and cleanup. Plus, the coatings are safe to walk on after just 24 hours. Contact us for a quote today and transform your garage!



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